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Some situations are so sticky the more you try to dig yourself out of them, the higher the probability of becoming more stuck.

Admitting that life can be hard at times isn't a weakness, it's a fact. It's not a hurdle to jump over, it's a chance to do what social creatures do best, help each other.

For many, feeling comfortable highlighting our achievements is like learning to play a literal trumpet.

Having a one-size-fits-all leadership approach to learning, personal development, coaching, and conversations will likely leave you falling short of bringing out the best of every individual.

Work feels different when genuine smiles are being shared around the room.

One of the influences on self-belief is the thoughts and labels we give ourselves.

Shyness and introversion in a team member can feel like a game of hide and seek to their manager or peers.

It is a challenge to concentrate when you're thoughts are at odds with each other.

We love to label, rate and rank.

You can't change where you've been. But you can change where you are heading.

When you can't choose between A or B you end up in C.