The Indecision Dilemma

When you can’t choose between A or B you end up in C.

Spending all our time trying to avoid making mistakes can become an exercise of perpetual “what ifs”.

Humans are capable of imagining all the potential outcomes but not as capable of predicting them accurately and there is very little we can guarantee.

The void left by indecision can easily be filled up with fear and doubt which can act like a moat, keeping the bad decisions out but also limiting the directions we can move.

It would be great to never make a bad choice but the reality is this is unlikely and a better skill to learn is how to identify and rectify a decision that takes you in the wrong direction more quickly and how to course correct it in a healthy, constructive way.

My penguin cartoons illustrate leadership, learning, and development with a smile while offering a daily dose of fun and thoughtful reflection.

These insights come from twenty years of leadership experience and I enjoy this unique way to encourage us to think about how we can do leadership differently.

I use the Corel Draw Suite to draw my cartoons and you can learn more about me on my LinkedIn profile Lee Sampson.

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Lee Sampson

A husband, father of three, a champion for more art in the world and more introverts in leadership. Lee has worked in leadership positions for over 20 years, described as an authentic, thoughtful, people-centric leader.

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