Hide and Overthink

A giant Earth asks a penguin hiding under a blanket that has "What If'd" written on it, "Are you hiding?". The penguin replies, "No. I'm just spending some quality time with my 'What ifs'." The text reads, "Hide and overthink". -Original artwork by Lee Sampspn

Shyness and introversion in a team member can feel like a game of hide and seek to their manager or peers.

There are many reasons why a person might not feel comfortable overtly contributing in meetings or stand-ups, from introversion to indifference.

Learning about the science of introversion and extroversion and taking the time to understand everyone’s level of comfort in group situations opens up the chance to include more thought-through ideas in the decision-making process.

Creating environments for everyone to feel safe sharing their thoughts and concerns also allows people to be able to let go of some of the “what ifs” they might be holding onto that they no longer need.

My penguin cartoons illustrate leadership, learning, and development to bring a thoughtful smile to your day.

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Lee Sampson

A husband, father of three, a champion for more art in the world and more introverts in leadership. Lee has worked in leadership positions for over 20 years, described as an authentic, thoughtful, people-centric leader.

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