Stuck In The Mud

A leadership cartoon of a penguin in a tar pit is trying to dig themself out with a spade and is getting more stuck while saying, "No thank you, I can dig myself out". Another penguin outside the tarpit leans forward trying to help. -Original artwork byLeeSampson.

Some situations are so sticky the more you try to dig yourself out of them, the higher the probability of becoming more stuck.

Life Can Feel Quite Hard Sometimes

A leadership cartoon of three penguins standing in front of a giant, hard, reflective statue that spells, "LIFE". One penguin knocking on the hard surface says to the others, "Is it just me, or is this quite hard?". The text reads, "It's not just you." -Original artwork by Lee Sampson.

Admitting that life can be hard at times isn’t a weakness, it’s a fact. It’s not a hurdle to jump over, it’s a chance to do what social creatures do best, help each other.

Leadership Skills For Uniting Diverse Thinking

A Leadership Cartoon about Self Development. A penguin in a bookshop wearing a staff badge asks another penguin, "Can I help you?". The other penguin is standing in front of a bookshelf that has "SELF-HELP SECTION " written on it with a pile of books around them and replies, "I can't seem to find the one, specifically about me?". The text reads, "We are all the same, but different." -Original artwork by Lee Sampson.

Having a one-size-fits-all leadership approach to learning, personal development, coaching, and conversations will likely leave you falling short of bringing out the best of every individual.